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Career and Technology Foundations

 What is CTF? and C.A.P Day?

  • Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) allows students to explore interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities and technologies associated with the occupational areas covered in Career and Technology Studies (CTS).
  • CTF students work collaboratively towards a shared goal in response to a challenge, they ask questions, seek answers and share their findings through inquiry-based learning.
  • CTF students address challenges through hands-on, authentic learning experiences in which they create products, give performances or provide services, often with community partners.
  • The staff is committed to connecting the learning activities in CTF courses to essential learning outcomes from the core curriculum.
  • Collaboration and cooperation are also a key element to these programs.

Grades 5-6

Students will have the opportunity  to  experience  project based learning at various times of the year as CTF goals and project plans are identified. This might mean designing a bird house and connecting it to the Science curriculum, writing and performing a play connected to the Social Studies curriculum or writing a song connected to the Math curriculum. Throughout the school year technology and collaboration will be used to enhance the learning while engaging the students in exploring areas of interest.

Grade 7

All students in grade 7 have the opportunity to participate in three CTF areas. They will spend one third of the year in each area: Foods, Media/Robotics, and Design and Construction.  Basic procedures and safe practices will be taught in each area. A variety of projects and challenges will be used to engage students in hands on/minds on learning.  Connections to careers and to the core curriculum will also be stressed in these classes.

Grade 8-9

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of complementary options in order to design and construct functional objects.  

  • Design & Construction: Wood tends to be the material of choice but access to some metal-working equipment will assist, support and expand the experience for these students.  Design tools will involve both traditional and computer based tools such as the CNC router. 
  • Outdoor Education is an activity-based course which provides opportunities for in-depth practical studies and experiences. Through active experiences students will develop and demonstrate basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for safe, comfortable outdoor experiences in all seasons.  
  • Media & Robotics focusses on problem solving when designing, building and programming with code. 
  • Food Studies promotes meal planning, nutrition and delicious food. Students often collaborate with younger students to prepare tasty dishes. 

C.A.P Thursdays at Johnny Bright

  • called FLEX on schoolzone