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C.A.P Thursdays at Johnny Bright

Career and Academic Pathways or C.A.P Thursday has become part of our weekly timetable. Every Thursday our school will run a timetable that includes four 57 minute learning blocks followed by a 30-minute Health & Wellness block.   Students will be directed, on a Thursday, to 1-2 core learning support blocks where learning from the four core subjects will be supported and enhanced either through intervention or extension.  The remaining blocks will be selected by students and could include sessions from the fine arts, second languages, career pathways, a specific topic of interest, or an athletic activity.  The possibilities are endless and will be driven by student interest. Students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively with others and pursue interest areas beyond what has been offered traditionally.

 We are very excited about this new direction, as it creates more learning opportunities for our students along with exposure to the myriad of possibilities that will exist for them in post-secondary education, professions, trades, business and the world of work!  We encourage and support 21st-century learning for engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.

All of our sessions relate to at least one of the competencies of an educated Albertan as outlined by the Ministry of Education.

These include:

  • Know how to learn
  • Think critically
  • Identify and solve complex problems
  • Manage information
  • Innovate
  • Create opportunities through play, imagination, and competition
  • Apply multiple literacies: reading, writing, mathematics, technology
  • Demonstrate good communication skills
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Demonstrate global and cultural understanding
  • Identify and apply career and life skills through personal growth and well being

Parents and community members are also invited to be a part of C.A.P Thursday! If you have a passion, unique experience or a special talent or skill that you would like to share, we would love to have you!  We also invite parents and members of our community to come in and share information about their careers with us.