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  • Weekly Update

    Weekly Update

     This week

    Lots of great learning going on this week at Johnny Bright. On Tuesday the Grade 6s and the JH Band went to see a performance by the PCA Artillery Band.

    On Wednesday grade 9s and leadership 7 students spent the day a the Power in Me conference.  The Power in Me 2016 is  an empowering event for youth. A motivational day to teach our future generation to believe in themselves and enable them to overcome life’s many obstacles.

    Volleyball is in full swing with early morning and afterschool practices. All teams have had a few games thus far, and the Sr Boys are playing in a tournament this weekend.  Good luck!

    Children with autism often struggle with anxiety. The Centre for Autism Services Alberta is now offering a program to help these kids. Facing Your Fears is a family-focused group intervention run by a registered psychologist and an occupational therapist. Applications for the next 14-week Facing Your Fears program which starts in January. Here is a flyer about the program and you can also access information here: https://goo.gl/VZaqh6

    We invite all parents of Johnny Bright students to attend our next Parent Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 25th at 7pm in the library. This is a great way to be involved and to understand and have a voice about what happens at our school. Consider attending at least one meeting this year and take advantage of our new, fun incentives for meeting attendance! If you want to know what we are talking about, you will have to come and find out. See you there at the following dates:

    Upcoming dates

    PD Day - Friday, October 21

    Parent Council Meeting - October 25

    We Day Field Trip- Oct 28

    Halloween-Oct 31

    Book Fair - October 31-November 4

    Parent Conferences- November 2-3

    Remembrance Day and Fall break Nov 10-15

    Operational Notes

    Winter has begun so be extra careful dropping off and picking up your child.

    The new playground has also begun to be assembled, be aware of construction equipment during this project.  

    Did you know we are on

    twitter @JBjaquars & instagram @johnnybrightschool.

    Check us out!

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Johnny Bright staff is committed to creating a Professional Learning Community that supports all students learning at high levels.  Teachers are focused on building a collaborative environment centered on essential learning outcomes, common assessments and best practices. Project-based and innovative, authentic learning opportunities assist in building a setting where students demonstrate active learning and are engaged.  We value all stakeholders and believe we share a collective responsibility in building a safe, secure and caring environment.

    We believe:

    1. Johnny Bright students are engaged, skilled and respectful.

    2. That, within a dynamic, caring, creative and collaborative environment ALL Johnny Bright students will learn at high levels.

    3. Our staff actions honour the belief that "These are all our students."

    4. In building a collaborative culture that focuses on improving and teaching and learning at all levels.


    In a technology rich environment, staff provides students and parents with a variety of opportunities to communicate.  As a GOLD L.E.E.D. School we are committed to a “green” footprint – our largely paperless communication relies on SchoolZone, our weekly Friday Update and our Web site.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop 21st Century Literacy skills and attitudes necessary to become capable, connected and contributing members of our global society.

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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Johnny Bright has a variety of clubs for students to join and participate in. Students are encouraged to join a club, meet new people, and gain new skills! There are many ways to get involved.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Johnny Bright School – students (and their families) registered here have chosen to be part of an exciting and rewarding journey!  All students and staff are part of a learning community committed to “high levels of learning for all students” – excellence in learning opportunities for all!

Excellence in:

  •  Academics
  •  Athletics and activity for learning
  •  Citizenship and community involvement

These “pillars” provide a framework that will encourage and support learning as we set goals, thrive, and grow as learners for this year and many years to come. We will build our legacy together.

Our staff will continue to support learning as we lay the foundation as a professional learning community – we are committed to the focused, intentional work that is involved in providing excellent learning opportunities for all students. “These are all our students” is our commitment that we share every day in practice. We are a staff team that embraces the premise that the very purpose of the school is to help all students learn at high levels.  We will face the very challenging questions of, “Learn what?” and “How will we know if each student has learned?”  We will be guided by the Alberta Program of Studies and standards of performance as outlined in our school’s Assessment Plan posted to SchoolZone.

We will use learning results to guide and inform our decisions about programming and classroom practice as we work with clear intentions to meet the needs of all students.  A school-wide system of interventions will be adopted and will rely on our collaborative culture with everyone “in”:  a school culture in which staff members work together to provide each student with access to essential learning outcomes and a culture in which the growth of each student is assessed in a way that is timely, authentic and consistent.

As we continue our work this year, we will be paying particular attention to ensuring we communicate effectively about student learning.  This is an area where parents, as partners in learning, will be important participants in our learning community as it continues to expand.

This website is intended to work with SchoolZone and our weekly Friday Update as to provide timely, updated, meaningful and effective communication between the home and the school.

So welcome to Johnny Bright School 2016 - 2017. We hope you take up the invitation to be involved.

With the greatest of respect, thanks and appreciation,


Scott Millar, Principal