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Clubs & Activities

Johnny Bright has a variety of clubs for students to join and participate in. Students are encouraged to join a club, meet new people, and gain new skills! There are many ways to get involved.


Musical Groups

Choir (grades 3-6)


ORFF instruments (grades 3-6)


Jazz Band (grades 7-9)


Elementary Clubs


Division I Math club


Division II Magic Club


Junior High Clubs

Our Junior High clubs run at various times of the week.

2d/3d club (Lunchtime)

Meetings usually occur on Monday at noon.  Students use a variety of technology and apps to design 2D and 3D objects. Towards the end of the school year, we will be printing models on a 3D printer at a lcoal High School. 

Anime club (Lunchtime)

Meetings usually occur on Monday at noon.  Students watch anime films and design characters. 

Improv club (Afterschool)

Meetings usually occur on Friday afternoon in the drama room. Students are enrolled in a few competitions throughout the school year. 

Minecraft Club (Lunchtime)


Knitting club (Lunchtime)


Yearbook Club (Lunchtime and at School-Wide Events)

In yearbook club, students are invited to aid in taking pictures and designing pages for the school yearbook that comes out every year.

Peer Support Group (Lunchtime)