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Edmonton Public Schools values the partnership of staff, students, parents and community in supporting teaching and learning. Volunteers provide much needed support to our schools by working positively and cooperatively with the school team. Volunteer activities are site managed in a way that best fits the needs and interests of the local school community.

There are countless ways Parent Volunteers can be involved at Johnny Bright School.  Parents can consider themselves invited to participate in a wide variety of activities that benefit the students and staff:

  • Library help
  • Paired Reading
  • Classroom assistance
  • Preparation of materials
  • Track/fun days
  • Interpreting for students and families new to the English language
  • Field trips
  • School wide events
  • Coaching
  • And much more...



Volunteer Checklist

Your To Do List!

Before you volunteer at Johnny Bright school, we need you to fill out a few forms. Please download and fill out the applicable forms. We value our Parent Volunteers!  Consider yourself invited . . .

1 Please fill in the Volunteer Registration Form (you may have already completed one during the first week of school). (Need new form for 2015-16)
2 If you are interested in driving small groups of students (e.g., athletic teams), you are required to complete the Driver’s Consent Form.
3 To ensure confidentiality within our school community, we ask that all volunteers complete the Volunteer Confidentiality Form
4 If you are interested in coaching an athletic team, we ask that you contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Todd McAdam, at todd.mcadam@epsb.ca
5 Volunteers are asked to sign in and out at the office and wear a volunteer badge when they are in the school.  


Each month we ask parents of students in specific grades to provide some assistance at the Drop Zone at the front of the school.  Parent Volunteers are invited to sign up for two or three shifts any morning in February 8:15 am to approximately 8:35 am.  Please go to Volunteer Spot to sign up. (At this time we do not have a volunteer to watch preschoolers in the Library).  Having volunteers at the DropZone helps keep traffic flowing smoothly and goes a long way to keeping everyone safe. Thank You!