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School Philosophy

Johnny Bright staff are committed to creating a Professional Learning Community that supports all students learning at high levels. Teachers are focused on building a collaborative environment centered on essential learning outcomes, common assessments, and best practices. Project-based and innovative, authentic learning opportunities assist in building a setting where students demonstrate active learning and are engaged.  We value all stakeholders and believe we share a collective responsibility in building a safe, secure and caring environment. 

In a technology-rich environment, staff provides students and parents with a variety of opportunities to communicate.  As a GOLD L.E.E.D. School, we are committed to a “green” footprint – our largely paperless communication relies on SchoolZone, our weekly Friday Update, and our Web site.  Students will be provided with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop 21st Century Literacy skills and attitudes necessary to become capable, connected and contributing members of our global society.

Mission and Vision

We believe:

  • Johnny Bright students are engaged, skilled and respectful.
  • That, within a dynamic, caring, creative and collaborative environment ALL Johnny Bright students will learn at high levels.
  • Our staff actions honor the belief that "These are all our students."
  • In building a collaborative culture that focuses on improving and teaching and learning at all levels.


At Johnny Bright School staff are committed to:

  • Building and maintaining relationships with each other, our students, parents, and community.
  • Engaging students in learning the lifelong skills embedded in the cross-curricular competencies.
  • Supporting social, emotional, physical well being of our students.
  • Providing our students with effective, engaging and creative learning environments.
  • Collaborating with each other in response to data using effective assessment strategies to respond to student needs.
  • Learning and growing as professionals within a culture of continuous improvement.


School Plan and Results Review


School Song

Here is our School Song