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Yellow Bus service

Yellow Bus service is new to Johnny Bright for the 2023-24 school year. If you are interested in having your child take the bus, please visit the Student Transportation website links below to find out more. *Please note, junior high students are encouraged to use ETS bus service to save space on the yellow bus for our younger riders. Yellow Bus passes will be available through the office for a fee of $30 per month which will be paid online via SchoolZone. 

Get to School on the bus

Eligibility and Conditional Riders

Applying for Yellow Bus Service




Edmonton Transit

Edmonton Transit bus passes are available in our school office. 

Bus passes are $60 per month for both elementary and junior high students.

If your child loses their bus pass a replacement is available at the cost of $72.50

Please contact the office to purchase a bus pass for your child.

Students are expected to behave appropriately on the bus.  Students who are reported for misbehaviour on the ETS buses may lose the privilege of buying a pass from the school or riding the bus.






Speed Limit

Our school community is very concerned about pedestrian safety around the school.  We would ask parents who drive their children to school, to pick safety over convenience and only park where appropriate.  We would also request that when you are driving near the school that you drive slowly and follow the rules of the road. Posted speed limit through the school zone is 30kmh. Further information can be found at EPS and New School Speed Limit



AMA Patrollers

We are proud of our Johnny Bright grade 6 patrollers! Every year a new batch of grade 5 students are trained at the end of the school year. They shadow the current year's patrollers so that they are ready to take over in the Fall. Patrollers help keep our students and families safe on their way to and from school. More information can be found at AMA's website

Due to the pandemic, there will be no patrollers for the 2020-2021 school year. 




Safety in DropZone

We all share concerns about student safety and traffic around Johnny Bright School.  In consultation with our City of Edmonton Bylaw officers and our School Council, the school administration team closed the drive-through zone during drop-off and pick-up times. The new drop-off zone is on Rutherford Road. Drivers must stay in their vehicles and pull forward as needed.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that students are safe traveling to and from school.  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support. Please ensure you are considerate and respectful to our neighbors if you park on the streets adjacent to or close to the school.